• Softball Team Calculator For Mac

    Softball Team Calculator For Mac

    A simple application for keeping batting statistics and division standings for a softball or baseball team. Softball / Baseball Team Calculator.

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    1. Softball Team Calculator For Mac Free

    Softball / Baseball Team Statistics Calculator - SBC 1.63 (by: sbc.aces-softball.com) The SBC is a simple application for keeping batting statistics and division standings for a softball or baseball team.

    Version:3.96. License:Freeware. OS:Windows All. Publisher: Softball / Baseball Team Calculator Description Statistics play an important role in the development of any softball and even baseball team as it shows what needs to be improved in order to have better results and become a worthy adversary in a competition. Purpose, looks and dependencies For this purpose, Softball Team Calculator brings to the table the power of spreadsheets and allows keeping tabs on player stats, batting leaders as well as division standings and box scores. In order to work properly, the user needs to have Microsoft Excel installed on the system.

    Softball Team Calculator For Mac Free

    Since the application is highly dependent on the Microsoft component, the interface is different according to the version of Excel used. Functionality Based on the input data Softball Team Calculator can help keep track of the progress of each player and provides the possibility to view statistics on a game-by-game basis. Moreover, it makes for a good way to store and compute team batting statistics through games or to generate a box score for a selected game.

    Basically, all the data entered in the program can be used to calculate different types of summaries that can help with taking the right decisions for the future of the team. Ease of use Microsoft Excel does all the work in the background but Softball Team Calculator provides a more user-friendly, menu-driven environment.

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    The developer makes available sufficient documentation for any user to be able to work with the program without investing too much effort. Conclusion Softball Team Calculator may not be a professional application to keep tabs on a team and its results but it is not intended for professional use.

    To add the date picker control choose Tools > Additional Controls and scroll to locate and select the Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control 6.0 and click Ok. The control will appear at the foot of the Tools list so click and add it to the form. A date picker userform for mac. Select your worksheet in VBA Project list and choose Insert > UserForm to create a form.

    Anyone interested in managing a softball team more properly and based on records can use it without difficulty.

    Softball Team Calculator For Mac